What we do

Developing urban agriculture projects in order to strengthen communities, increase employability, and close social and intergenerational gaps in urban areas

UrbAgri hopes to strengthen social ties between garden users by uniting them around a common initiative.
It also aims to facilitate interaction between generations by making the sites open and accessible to everyone, when the configuration allow for it, and by encouraging the sharing and dissemination of knowledge to future generations.

Structuring an urban agriculture sector and developing employment within the sector

Urban agriculture projects can generate employment: creation of employment for farmers, employment schemes offering integration through work, product marketing and distribution, etc.

Revitalizing open spaces

Creating areas dedicated to food production in the center of densely built areas and cities gives new life to unoccupied and unused spaces. One of the objectives of this approach is to partially meet the dietary needs of building users and neighborhood residents while making good use of energy sources and natural resources available for food production.

Designing Vertical Farms and Fertile Residences

Vertical farms are buildings where fruits, vegetables or flowers are grown for the purpose of being sold through a short supply chain. The Vertical Farms are integrated into the urban landscape and contribute to local economic and social development. They vary in size depending on their intended purpose.

The fertile residence is a new lifestyle concept developed by UrbAgri where the residence is designed to be conducive to growing food for residents.

UrbAgri sets up the project on behalf of the users, describes the project’s economic model and develops the business plan. UrbAgri supports the project leader in studying the technical and financial feasibility of the project, assists with space layout or building construction, the start of production, and the first months of product marketing, as needed.

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