Worldwide, over 800 million people live on less than 1 dollar a day and are dependent on agriculture – the earth, nature and climate – in order to feed themselves and provide for their families.

Key observations :

According to INSEE, as of 2013, more than 11.5% of the French population were living under the poverty line and nearly 25% of young people were unemployed.  

10% of the French population struggles with obesity and nearly 35% of men and 21% of women are overweight.

Fondation de France revealed in a June 2013 study that more than 5 million people suffer from loneliness, or approximately 12% of people over the age of 18.

Our food often travels several thousand miles, passing through the hands of numerous intermediaries before reaching our plates.

Giving new function to our cities :

UrbAgri® wishes to develop local food production within the major consumption areas by generating social, environmental, and economic value in city neighborhoods.

The aim is to recover surfaces in urban areas for the production of fruits and vegetables using natural resources and resources generated by the city and to have a positive impact on the urban ecosystem.

Roofs, facades, interiors, brownfields, private and public open spaces can all serve as potential areas for the practice of organic farming.

UrbAgri® aims to create jobs throughout the value chain - from production to consumption, to develop short supply chains, to integrate other local stakeholders in urban agriculture projects, and to promote the growth of an urban agriculture sector.


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